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Affiliate program

You are an influencer, Youtuber or are just happy with iFlight products and want to earn some money with recommendations? Feel free to join our affiliate program, please register at the link below:

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Hello, My name is Daniel Silva and I’m from Portugal.
I would love to work together with iflight, testing their products an make advertisement to you.
I have a instagram page where i post some videos about fpv. I have 24K subs, this is my page: @silva.visuals
I flight with my nazgul 5 and a protek 35. From the beginning that i flight with iflight and in every post i mention that, saying the name of my drone (normally the nazgul 5).
I start flying 1 and half years ago and have the A1/A3 certification in Europe
Thank you for your attention


Hello, I am an influencer located in Madrid, Spain, I have 7k followers on Instagram , I also have a news page in Spanish about drones called “Hablemso de Drones “Let’s talk about Drones” @hablemsdedrones which has 9K followers on Instagram and 30k Facebook @hablemosdedrones I also have a Facebook group that has 8K followers

I like to be part of the program.

I’ve been flying FPV drones for 3 years and I have all the certificates by EASA to fly legally in the European Union.

Daniel Abraham Molina

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