HELION 10 Updates // Betaflight 4.5 Release Candidate

January 6, 2024
HELION 10 Updates // Betaflight 4.5 Release Candidate - iFlight Europe
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NEW Betaflight 4.5 Tune:

+ The performance is even better
+ GPS is more reliable
+ GPS Return-To-Home works really good now (byby 4.4 issue). Watch some tutorial to understand how to set it up correctly.

Original Post shared by Eliis Van Jason (2RAW) on our Team iFlight Group:

Helion LED Mod Kit:

  • LED MOD is now available
  • The LED Mod can be enabled and disabled via a simple Switch on your controller
  • New Customers: To make it easy every Helion comes with the power and signal cables already soldered so you connect the LED Bord quickly
  • Old Customers: For those who already have a Helion they have to solder 2 cables to the FC standalone (M5 and GND) and 2 cables to +- of the ESC (direct battery power)
  • The command of the LED to work is included in the new Tune Dump

Helion Landing Plate:

  • We desgined a optional landing plate for those who don't feel comfortable to land on the battery
  • To take away some fear: Even after 4 years of flying bottom mounted batteries I never destroyed a battery on a landing.
  • Advantages of bottom batts: More protected battery when you have an impact, more battery options as easier to balance bigger batteries, easier to take off from hand or grad. Downside is that it can fall to the side (This is my personal view).

Battery mounting

  • Battery should be mounted as you can see it in the picture.
  • This is becuase to move center of gravity toward the center of thrust line.
  • if the drone is a little bit front heavy, that is ok and help with the angle when you fly but the further back the better


  • For those who get jello, please reach out to us directly or iflight as this is something we haven't experienced. I even tried to mount the battery to the front (strong imbalance but the performance was great)
  • If you decide to mod your drone by adding, electronics, making carbon attachments or new mounts then you are on your own as you deviate from the original design we tested and we cannot really help you. Also one of the reasons why we don't release frame kits at the beginning as every component we choose was tested and optimizied to enusure a optimal performance


  • Big thanks to Philip & Babang for testing the 4.5 Tune in the filed and of course the rest of the team.

Comment 06.01.2024 - iFlight-RC Europe (Patrick): We are working on the Preset for our Github Repository already. The HELION as well as all other recent BNFs will have Betaflight 4.5 Presets uploaded to our Database soon.

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