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Chimera9 ECO 6S ANALOG BNF #PreOrder

Chimera9 ECO 6S ANALOG BNF #PreOrder

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Ships from the official iFlight RC Warehouse in Austria

No additional import fees for EU member states; English & German Support; 30 day Warranty*; Local Repair Service.

The KING of Long Range FPV! A super-efficient iFlight 9inch Long-Range bird that can go where you couldn't go before and can carry bigger batteries to get the flight time to surf the swiss alps if you want! A super stiff frame for minimum resonance and XING-E 2809 motors for maximum 9 inch prop control. Fly big batteries top-mounted, or even bigger batteries bottom-mounted, 6cells recommended for slow cruising. 

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Product Information


☑ Latest Chimera9 ECO Frame for Maximum Protection
The old days are over, getting your electronics full of dirt and wet grass every time you crash. Our latest frame reduces contamination that could build up on your flight controller or ESCs, preventing failure or short circuits. Strategic airflow to keep your components cool and clean without taking any shortcuts in weight or performance. Illuminated side panels and 360-degree TPU protective parts.

☑ Economic and Efficient Electrical System
Equipped with the BLITZ ATF435 Flight Controller, BLITZ 1.6W/2.5W Whoop VTX, and the BLITZ E55S 4-in-1 ESC, this setup offers a high level of power and functionality.


Product Name: Chimera9 ECO 6S Analog
FC: BLITZ ATF435 Flight Controller
ESC: BLITZ E55S 4-IN-1 2-6S 55A ESC
Video Transmission: BLITZ Whoop 1.2G 1.6W VTX/BLITZ Whoop 1.6W VTX/ BLITZ Whoop 2.5W VTX
Geometry: DeadCat(DC)
Frame: 405mm wheelbase
Motor: XING-E 2809 800KV motors
Prop: 9X4X3 propellers
Weight: 739g (Without Battery)
Dimensions (L×W×H): 360x235x34mm
Max Speed: 140km/h
Maximum Takeoff Altitude: 6000 m
Max Hover Time: Approx. 33 mins (With 6S2P 8000mAh no load)
Operating Temperature Range: -10° to 40° C (14° to 104° F)
Antennas: Single Antennas
GNSS: GPS+SBAS+Galileo+QZSS+Glonass (Optional)
Payload: 1.5-2.2kg

Video Transmission

Optional: BLITZ Whoop 1.2G 1.6W VTX
Output Power: 0-25-400-800-1600mw
Input Volts: 7-34V
Working Current: ≤25mw@12V 410mA, ≤400mw@12V 470mA, ≤800mw@12V 490mA, ≤1600mw@12V 590mA
Transmission fre: 8CH(1080-1360MHz)
Antenna Interface: MMCX
Mounting Hole: 25*25/φ1.6mm
Weight: 32g
Dimensions: 50*30*16mm

Optional: BLITZ Whoop 5.8G 1.6W VTX
Output Power: 0-25-400-800-1600mw
Input Volts: 12V
Working Current: ≤pit @40mA,≤25mw@150mA,≤400mw@330mA,≤800mw@460mA,≤1600mw@660mA
Transmission fre: 40CH(A-B-E-F-R)
Antenna Interface: IPEX
Mounting Hole: 25*25/φ1.6mm
Weight: 16.5g (Antenna not included)
Dimensions: 37*31.5*10mm

Optional: BLITZ Whoop 5.8G 2.5W VTX
Output Power: 0-25-400-1000-2500mw
Input Volts: 7-34V
Working Current: ≤pit @12V 140mA, ≤25mw@12V 200mA, ≤400mw@12V 340mA, ≤1000mw@12V 480mA, ≤2500mw@12V 780mA
Transmission fre: 40CH(A-B-E-F-R)
Antenna Interface: MMCX
Mounting Hole: 25*25/φ1.6mm
Weight: 32g
Dimensions: 50*30*16mm

Packing List

1 x Chimera9 ECO 6S Analog BNF
1 x Battery pad
1 x Antenna
2 x Propellers(Pairs)
2 x Battery strap


All iFlight BNFs are tested before shipment to guarantee highest quality.

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