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Versand vom offiziellen iFlight RC Warenhaus in Österreich

Keine zusätzlichen Einfuhrgebühren für EU-Mitgliedsstaaten; Support auf Englisch & Deutsch; 30 Tage Garantie*; Lokaler Reparaturdienst.

We're proud to announce the release of the X413 Analog BNF which is a 13" BNF quadcopter that comes with the BLITZ Whoop VTX Video Transmission System, and HQ  13" 3-Blade  propellers. The X413 has been pre-tuned and set up with everything you need, all you need to do is bind-and-fly! Loaded with lots of power; it comes with the XING 4214 motors, BLITZ F7 Pro Flight Controller, and the BLITZ E80 Pro 4-IN-1 ESC, which makes this quad a must-have!

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☑ Full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe
☑ Big size XING 4214 motors with extreme lift and flight performance
☑ Fast-Swap arms technology for easy repairs


Product Name: X413 Analog 13 inch
FC: BLITZ F7 Pro Flight Controller
Video Transmission: BLITZ Whoop 1.2G 1.6W VTX/ 5.8G 2.5W VTX
Frame: 599mm wheelbase
Motor: XING 4214 motors
Prop: 13X9X3 propellers
Weight: 2070g (Without Battery)
Dimensions (L×W×H):425x425x26mm
Max Speed: 140km/h
Maximum Takeoff Altitude: 6000 m
Max Hover Time: Approx. 18 mins (with 8S 5600mAh no load)
7mins (With 8S 5600mAh 4KG load)
5mins (With 8S 5600mAh 6KG load)
Max Wind Speed Resistance: Level 8
Operating Temperature Range: -10° to 40° C (14° to 104° F)
Antennas: Single Antenna
GNSS: GPS+SBAS+Galileo+QZSS+Glonass

Video Übertragung

Optional: BLITZ Whoop 1.2G 1.6W VTX
Output Power: 0-25-400-800-1600mw
Input Volts: 7-34V
Working Current: ≤25mw@12V 410mA, ≤400mw@12V 470mA, ≤800mw@12V 490mA, ≤1600mw@12V 590mA
Transmission fre: 8CH(1080-1360MHz)
Antenna Interface: MMCX
Mounting Hole: 25*25/φ1.6mm
Weight: 32g
Dimensions: 50*30*16mm

Optional: BLITZ Whoop 5.8G 2.5W VTX
Output Power: 0-25-400-1000-2500mw
Input Volts: 7-34V
Working Current: ≤pit @12V 140mA, ≤25mw@12V 200mA, ≤400mw@12V 340mA, ≤1000mw@12V 480mA, ≤2500mw@12V 780mA
Transmission fre: 40CH(A-B-E-F-R)
Antenna Interface: MMCX
Mounting Hole: 25*25/φ1.6mm
Weight: 32g
Dimensions: 50*30*16mm


1 x X413 8S Analog BNF
1 x Battery pad
1 x Antennas
2 x Propellers(Pair)
3 x Battery straps
1 x Screw Bag


All iFlight BNFs are tested before shipment to guarantee highest quality.

If you still encounter a problem after receiving your shipment, please immediately contact our iFlight customer support at www.iflightrc.freshdesk.com.

iFlight products may be used for civilian purposes only and any direct or indirect use of iFlight products for or in connection with the following is prohibited:
(1)Any military combat purpose or military combat related use;
(2)Terrorist activities: The purchaser also shall require its customers or end users to comply with the foregoing requirements.
2. If party A has violated applicable export control or economic sanctions laws and regulations, Party B has the right to immediately suspend delivery of products to Party A or terminate relevant cooperation without any liability.