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Chimera7 Pro V2 Frame Kit

Chimera7 Pro V2 Frame Kit

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The iFlight Chimera7 is a 7.5" LongRange frame designed to give maximum stability and flight time during your cinematic shoots.

Fly smooth lines on the waterfront all the way to the Swiss Alps if you want! Made from a super-stiff carbon for minimum resonance and recommended 2806.5 motors for maximum 7.5" prop control.

Fly big batteries top-mounted, or even bigger batteries bottom-mounted, 6 cells recommended or 5 cells for slow cruising. But whatever style you fly, a LiPo or Lion pack will do the job.

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Product Information


☑ V1 to V2 was upgraded for the DJI O3 HD Air Unit Digital Transmission
☑ Specially Designed Heatsink for DJI O3 Air Unit
☑ New Camera Mount for a wider camera FOV with TPU damping inserts
☑ New Side Panels to perfectly fit the O3 Air Unit in the back
☑ New Dual 5.8G VTX Antenna TPU mount
☑ Latest Chimera7 Pro Frame Upgrades for Maximum Protection
☑ Optional Parts to select (not included in frame kit):
☑ New Anti Spark Filter to prevent rapid voltage and current spikes plugging in a battery
☑ Single DJI VTX Antenna TPU to install the original DJI O3 set included antenna.


Product Name:Chimera7 Pro V2 Frame Kit
Wheelbase: 327mm
Frame Dimension: L270*W199*H34 mm
Frame Body Dimension: 34mm
Arm Thickness: 6mm
Bottom Plate Thickness: 3mm
Top Plate Thickness: 2mm
Upper Plate Thickness: 3mm
Camera Plate Thickness: 3mm
Motor Mounting: 16x16mm / 19*19mm
VTX Mounting: 30.5*30.5 φ3mm / 25*25 φ1.6mm / 20*20 φ2mm
Weight: 175grams (not including TPU parts)

If you want to upgrade your Chimera7 Pro V1 with the DJI O3 Air Unit read this:

- Motor wires need to get extended coming from your V1 BNF. The V2 frame got slightly longer arms, motor wires can be extended so don't worry. Stock wire thickness is 18AWG.

- The XT60 plug was changed, you'll need to de-solder the V1 plug and install the V2 plug. Included in the frame kit.

- The custom iFlight O3 heatsink and MIPI Digital Video Cable with a length of 215mm is included. Original cable length only 115mm.

- The Antenna TPU in the back comes in 2 Versions; One for the original single DJI VTX antenna, or one for the dual antenna setup. The kit includes a dual antenna TPU. 2x 5.8G LHCP antennas need to be installed.

- The Chimera7 Pro V2 BNF comes with a new Anti Spark filter pre-installed. Please select the option to purchase separately; it's not included in the frame kit.

Video Transmission

compatible to DJI O3 Air Unit, Caddx Vista/Polar or Runcam Link

Packing List

1 x Chimera7 Pro V2 Frame Kit
1x O3 Air Unit Heatsink
1x O3 MIPI Digital Video Cable 215mm
2x O3 IPEX to RP-SMA Antenna Pigtails
1 x O3 Dual Antenna TPU
1 x GoPro TPU Base Mount
1 x Screw Bag
4 x TPU Armguard
1 x Front Bumper TPU
1 x Rear Bumper TPU
2 x Anti-Slip Battery Pad
2 x Battery Strap (20*250mm)


All iFlight BNFs are tested before shipment to guarantee highest quality.

If you still encounter a problem after receiving your shipment, please immediately contact our iFlight customer support at

DJI O3 Air Unit with Heatsink

Compatible with DJI's cutting-edge video transmission technology in a compact and lightweight body, the DJI O3 Air Unit takes your FPV experience to new heights. Enjoy excellent high-definition video transmission from extended distances with low latency.

BLITZ F7 Stack recommended

MCU: STM32 F722
Gyro: BMI270
Barometer: DPS310
OSD Chip: AT7456E
Flash: 32MB (Blackbox flash)
Constant: 55 Amps
Burst: 65 Amps
ESC Firmware: BLHeli32

Chimera7 Pro V2 Frames

The old days are over, getting your electronics full of dirt and wet grass every time you crash. Our latest frame reduces contamination that could build up on your flight controller or ESCs, preventing failure or short circuits. Strategic airflow to keep your components cool and clean without taking any shortcuts in weight or performance. Illuminated side panels and 360-degree TPU protective parts.